Dot Hacker with ‘Inhibition’: if only the Peppers were this inhibited

You know the problem of the Chili Peppers? They get an insanely talented singer and guitarist like Josh Klinghoffer, after boring away their only creative asset (I am not saying that the other members are not awesome musicians but the slightly otherworldly touch Frusciante brought into their earlier albums will be dearly missed) and this new guy has a very warped way of making music and they don’t use him enough to get out of their musical rut.

It’s a shame for them because Josh Klinghoffer is smart enough to have his own projects and bands on the side that capture his skills more than enough.

Dot Hacker is a highly complex band that with Klinghoffer, Clint Walsh, Eric Gardner and Jonathan Hischke* is also equipped with some smashing heavy-weight musicians which you can already hear in their first track „Order/Disorder“. They partly met by playing together in bands (mainly Hella and Gnarls Barkley) and the album actually is done since 2009 according to this interview with Josh. Some people just like to tease us…

Whereas „Idleidolidyl“ sounds like a smooth day at the Mars Volta headquarters, the following song „Eye Opener“ is a melancholy dream pop song that will make you cry and then send you off in a minor nightmare. No one is safe.

The drums and guitar are heavenly experimental on the album and there is no fear of being too difficult to handle, some of the songs are like violent, big outbursts of experimental greatness that are ultimately satisfying, especially with a very good use of melodies and Klinghoffer’s voice that for me always sounds like we hear only its echo through a valley.

Psychedelic it is and very complex, whereas I wouldn’t want to listen to the album while cleaning my room because I would end up sitting in a corner contemplating my being and the being of my vacuum cleaner, it’s definitely something to dive into and get lost for a while although I would take a flashlight and a happy tune because it gets dark in there for example with the haunting „The Earth beneath“.

Ok, usually I don’t do this but Dot Hacker are a secret Supergroup, so here we go:

Clint Walsh – plays guitar for Gnarls Barkley and everyone who thinks that’s not a big deal is so wrong because bands as huge as this always have smashing musicians as backing band, he also toured with the Dwarfes and played for Juliette Lewis.

Eric Gardner – by the second song of the album you hear that Gardner is great at what he does, still, reading his CV is intimidating as hell. He played drums for Cypress Hill, Tom Morello (who admittedly does shitty solo music but still is an awesome guitarist who can afford the best musicians), Peter Malick and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Woof.

Jonathan Hischke – Recently he played the bass for the Broken Bells but he’s also the go to bass player for Omar Rodriguez-Lopez solo stuff and this is pretty much the only thing you need to know about Hischke because any Mars Volta members won’t take any less than perfection.

Josh Klinghoffer – used to play with music bud John Frusciante on some hauntingly beautiful records and took Frusciante’s place with the Pepper’s after he’d already been on tour as an additional guitar player.

This is a dangerous crowd.


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