I am a muppet!

I tell you what, I actually wanted to finally post my That was the month that was: May Edition but then I realised that today 22 years ago was the day that the world lost this big chunk of magic with Jim Henson and I am sorry but this always fills me with so much love and tears that I have to post some Muppet songs (and apparently the same ones than last year).

I think a lot of us grew up with the Muppets and the Sesame Street and the way that they dealt with all kinds of topics, the love that everyone involved put into the show and the way they brought music and arts to kids, nay, all generations is absolutely one of a kind.

I have this pet peeve which makes me dislike “Shrek” a lot. It’s when a family movie has two layers of humor and/or meaning. One for the kids and one (saucy) for the adults. That’s bullpoop. I think if you really want to do a great family movie then you should be able to use comedy and stories that work for everyone on the same level. The Muppets did that and even a show like Sesame Street that obviously is for very small kids was and is hilarious and touching at the same time. It’s innocent. It makes my heart blow up like a balloon and carry me to a place where I won’t be cynical and bitter.

(the actor who played Mr Hooper died and they decided to deal with it directly. It makes for an incredibly honest way to tell kids about death and it shows once again how all these fun and colorful monsters where and still are somehow our own inner child and they show that it’s ok to not be mature all the time because you lose something if you are)

For that I love Henson and everyone involved.

I can listen to the following song over and over and over again…this is pretty much the greatest message that the Muppets gave kids. I already said it on my German post but here we go again: Everyone is different, be who you are, accept how others are and learn from them as they learn from you. Ah dang, I am tearing up…Harry take over!

Me? I was weird as hell as a kid and it was nice to know that there was a show out there with characters like Gonzo or guest stars like Alice Cooper (who brought his own monsters, my favourite Muppet scene of all times) that were odd and awesome at the same time and gave me confidence to do weird but fun things without feeling like a freak. Fortunately, my parents were down with that but then again, we watched the Muppets together (my Dad was obviously Fozzy but we never could figure out who my mom was but she loved Floyd…).

And you know what, after I got over the horrendous German dubbed Jason Segel Muppets movie and watched in English, I loved it just as much because it really got essence right. It’s good to know that this kind of entertainment doesn’t die out, we grew up with it and can give it forward.

NEVER watch the German version, it’s so bad that you will punch the next German in the face you see…my friend and I still remember the awkward week when we both got to work with bruises all over. Oh God, please no violence on this post, lets end it with a song that was originally written for the Snoopy musical but ended up as being one of the greatest things you can tell someone who feels like they can’t go on:

Oh hell, what was I thinking, the Muppets would never leave you with tears in your eyes, here’s something to lighten up the mood. Obviously there are many clips to choose from but Harry Belafonte had so much fun with them, so here ya go:


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