No music for you: Gingerhaze

I hate discovering something really cool through Buzzfeed because it makes me feel as if everyone on the entire planet already knows about it and I am just this superold lady that asks about this new thing they call “twatter”.

(Dear possible future grandchildren: If your parents don’t hate me enough so we still have contact, you are allowed to shoot me as soon as I try to rap on any stage. Exceptions are drunken battle-raps with an 80-year-old Eminem because that’s on my bucket list. Thank you)

But this time I have to overcome my fear of not being hip enough (let me just put away my fake thick rimmed nerd glasses) and present to you Gingerhaze who is another fantastic female cartoon artist and who actually made me very excited to see The Avengers with her awesome comics about them.

Because…here it comes…I really wasn’t into it, I love Joss Whedon and I think that Jeremy Renner is brilliant (“Dahmer” is frighteningly convincing) and should be one of my many husbands (maybe No.2? I will still believe in soul mates and not yet be all too bitter about romance. I will already have a drinking problem, though, sorry about that).

But I am really not into this set of superheroes. Captain America is ridonculous, Hulk is only good with Lou Ferigno, Iron Man is not fantastic enough and a little too “macho guy with a drinking problem that we see in every second action movie” (and he doesn’t even have sideburns…no match for Wolverine!) and Thor – I love nordic mythology but please don’t put it in the present day because it kind of stinks there. And Hawkeye and Black Widow don’t have superpowers – booooring! Sorry husband No.2, but couldn’t they let Hawkeye accidentally fall into some chemical waste and let him develop some mad rubber skin or something, how about that? And Black Widow could be bitten by an actual Black Widow and turn into some creepy spider-superhero with tons of boobs. Haha, I am having fun (Joss Whedon – call me).

(and look at the shoddy special effects, you could think this was made in the 70s. Way to blow the budget on the cast Whedon, you can’t even recognize them through the bad make-up!)

I am just way too much into the X-Men where everyone is exciting and imaginatively mutated, that The Avengers just bore the living hell out of me and despite Whedon I didn’t think that it would come even close to “X-Men: First Class” but I guess Gingerhaze has convinced me to follow her heart and give those rascals a try.

(or maybe her undying love for everything Hawkeye…no sleeves, ey? Yeah, you wouldn’t need any protection as you are invincible…oh, you’re not? Well, someone didn’t think that through…)

But Gingerhaze is not just the voice of reason for everyone who is not that into the Avengers, hell NO! She also has a beautiful collection of random songs, links and illustrations that keep me entertained, her captions are charming and funny and I think that her haircut is my haircut’s soul mate.

Gingerhaze is Noelle Stevenson in real life and also has this great blogspot site where she posts some of her assignments from art school. So, yeah. Look her up and stuff. She’s really good, magical and funny and she has this incredibly “broship of the ring” feature that will blow your mind, again, I feel like I am a thousand years old and just discovered that there is something called “American Idol” but I CAN’T BE EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME NOT EVEN ON THE INTERNET!

Seriously, you guys, it’s so difficult and exhausting to be on top of things, sometimes I wish I was 50 already so I could finish with all this and just sit with husband No.7 together and reminisce about the old times when they had “The Adventures of Pete and Pete” and “Daria” on TV.

(I am so old!)


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