Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: Here

Oh My God, they are back. Remember 2009/2010 when everything was pretty and beautiful and great and everyone was humming because suddenly there was a light that was called „Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros“? They are back!

Their huge family band still sounds like love on a record, there is so much of a traveling band in their new album „Here“ that you can’t help but feel a yearning for the dusty roads of a long-gone America, maybe even an America that never existed. One, where you could trust in each other and smile at strangers and they would smile back, hand you a cookie and ride away on their unicorns.

The rather low-brow production adds to the feeling of closeness, they surround you, no one is alone when listening to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and it makes it easy to sing along and think a little better of the world we are living in because we are all part of it.

Where „Up from below“ now and then wandered through dark parts of our psyche („Desert“), „Here“ has reached a place of serenity, one that surely feels like it’s self-made, something that you get when you open up and let the good in by letting it out and by surrounding yourself with loved ones. What can I say, the wandering preaching sound up to the last note that has so much of the greats of 60s soul – this band is such a haven of kooky joy that no one can refuse their honest affection.

I am not one for destiny or anything but if I were, I would be very titilated by the fact that the album gets released on my birthday. Oh, what a day and what a great album to now and then forget that the here and now could be a lot better.


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