Another Year Another Immergut

I am getting there, every single year I tell myself that I am never going on a festival ever again and every single year I am looking at my murky tent on a mosquito-spiders-and-ant-ridden piece of land and curse myself while the whoawhoawhoa of old fashioned comedy movies rings in my ear.

This year, however, I was strong enough to merely attend 60% of the festival and go home before it was over, therefore also handing over my lovingly prepared New Build interview to someone else which is something that I truly hate and will not be able to live with for a couple of weeks.

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Anyways, my highlights were few and dear, from the reading by Heinz Strunk as the last thing I’ve heard before I left for Berlin to the incredibly impressive show of Who Made Who that are simply overwhelming live and have a hypnotizing stage presence.  They also were quite nice during the interview, even though they switched to Danish a couple of times, without any warning. It’s weird.

I also found one act to be rather compelling that I am actually not that fond of for the mere reason that their genre is one of my blind spots.

Hamburger Schule – I curse thee. For me, Hamburger Schule brought a nasty trend to the German music scene which was lack of music skills plus pretentious yet heavy-handed German lyrics thrown together in what I can only call a lackluster punk revival. There have been some amazing bands that more or less can be attributed to the Hamburger Schule but all in all this is a genre that doesn’t excite me even though it often comes off as being so very adventurous and explosive.

And despite having seen them two times before – the first time at the exact same spot at the Immergut – three times were the charm. Vierkanttretlager is their name and this horrible phrase shouldn’t introduce their game.

Well, they do punk but the kind of punk that has something more to say than fudge you and their lyrics plus great melodies fuse together in a very raw live show that just feels honest. And yes, although I didn’t cry because I am a robot, I was moved at times and impressed and I even considered buying their album although I will consider this a little longer because I don’t know whether that kind of energy can be kept on a record. Still, great band and worth to check out, especially as they have a neck for melodies that stay with you which is something rare for Hamburger Schule bands (at least from my blind spot).

The rest of the festival I felt old because most of my colleagues of the festival radio were a lot younger than I was and therefore didn’t go to bed aka to ‘hard forest floor in cold oh so cold tent’ at 1am. It’s not that I don’t want to party hard, I usually am nocturnal but my biological clock has been messed up by getting up early five days a week for about one and a half years now.

Oh, and because I rarely do it but feel that I have to, a small rant: I saw Blood Red Shoes and actually some of my favourite photos came from their show but I was a little irritated by the drum set which was set sideways at the edge of the stage. Steve, the drummer, would always look at the audience and motivate them to go wild and it felt as if he was celebrating himself a little too much. Maybe I read it completely wrong but that’s what I got from it and it irked me.

Blame it on my upbringing on many classic rock bands or my annual visit to the Zappanale but as far as I know, the most insane drummers I’ve seen so far are way too busy to play than to celebrate themselves.


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