No Music for you: The Avengers – I love you so much Joss Whedon and everyone involved

So about 300 years after everyone else has seen it, I finally managed to stumble into the cinema and watch The Avengers. The introducing trailer-show read my mind and showed exactly 3 of the 5 movies I also want to see this year (Brave, Spiderman and Prometheus) and then it began.

(Update, May 2018) I will leave this review up but have since then (oh 2012, it was simpler times) changed my mind on Joss Whedon a LOT! Not only did I try to rewatch “Buffy” and recoiled at the constant slut-shaming and sleezy vibe from Xander (it was so much that I basically quit around the second season), no Whedon himself has proved to be quite the Xander in real life, too (for more on this click here). Of course, we can mourn over that slimy, stinky tinge that Whedon’s behaviour has put on some of our most beloved moments in pop culture but since in this day and age we have enough to choose from without problematic faves, I am quite okay with side-eying him from now on. 

I gotta be honest, during the first 5-10 minutes I was watching with an amused look on my face, during the scene outer space (and outer universe) I actually chuckled because it reminded me so much of the Power Rangers that I couldn’t hold it in. And 10 minutes later I knew that this was the best film ever.

Ok, maybe not the best film ever but this movie is incredible, it’s over the top, the costumes are ridiculous (I prefered t-shirt and trousers Hawkeye even though the spandex worked in certain scenes, giggidy. Also, what happened to the no-cape rule?), the story is so insanely intertwined with all the movies that I didn’t really watch and quite a few comic insiders and the pace of the story is ludicrous. In the hands of a lesser writing team, cast and director this would have ended in an absolute disaster but the humor of the dialogue, the acting chops of Hiddleston, Renner, Johansson, Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. defined once again that action movies don’t have to sell the audience short on good performances, the somewhat ambitious but quite well executed themes (following orders vs free will paralleled by escaping/embracing your own self) and a shitload of nerd and cinematic details within the movie made this a great amongst summer blockbusters.

So, I am sold, The Avengers is great, Joss Whedon once again proved that he is a God amongst nerd-directors.

In the following, a couple of points that made me fall in love with the movie even more (light spoilers ahead):

– Perfect: the scene in which Stark and Banner have a conversation through a two-sided see-through computer display and Banner’s hardly visible reflection mirrors the Hulk (I might have dreamt that though, because my friends didn’t see it).

– The sometimes weird (Fury and Hill through a glass floor) but initially great experimentations with different camera shots. Especially through 3D glasses, this made for an occasionally irritating but overall interesting viewing.

– My friend called it, Cpt. America’s casual outfit, I then laughed for 5 minutes, I am talking about the great blue shirt, jeans and incredibly Gaga-esque red boots outfit when Cpt. America wasn’t in his uniform or his suave 50s clothing.

– Hulk punching Thor (I need a gif of that).

– The fact that all women wore heels and Black Widow’s decollette was very revealing was luckily balanced out by equally suggestive butt-shots of Cpt. America (seriously, did he have something in his contract that 50% of his screen time had to be devoted to his butt? I am not complaining, just asking) and overall some very nice eye-candy for the Ladies. As I said, the spandex worked in certain scenes.

– A dialogue that throughout the movie managed to get a good and not even heavy-handed joke in between the most serious scenes. I don’t think I ever laughed that much during an action movie that wanted me to laugh (so “Transformers” doesn’t count). Most of them were obviously delivered by Stark because Downey Jr. has something in his contract that 60% of his screen time have to be devoted to witty punchlines while 40% are devoted to an intimately close shot of his face.

That guy from that movie and/or series (follow the links and you will know what I mean).

– On a feminist note: The scene with Loki and Black Widow is so remarkably well written and plays with so many movie clichés only to turn it around completely, that I actually uttered a loud and delighted “Ha!” when it was over.

– Black Widow’s fighting choreographies were badass and we all decided that we wanted to become Black Widow when we grow older.

– Leaving Loki’s “say it don’t spray it’-confession-spit on the glass of his cell until the scene was over was a great acknowledgment that emotional delivery beats clean looks and that you just spit when you mean it (that’s actually my personal rule for life).

– The teaser scene was great and made me realize how much I loved that movie. When I watched the first Sherlock Holmes movie (with an equally witty Downey Jr.) I was incredibly annoyed by the open ending because I didn’t feel compelled to watch a sequel. In this case, however, I felt excited, mystified and gleeful, just like every time I am about to open a fortune cookie.

– The Color Pallet of Hulk’s first showing. I did not see it coming, again: fortune cookie.

– Superheroes have superhair. Supervillains also, although theirs always has to look a little greasy but since Severus Snape we fangirls really don’t mind.


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