That was the month that was: May in music and whatever

Holy Shamoly, what a month. I’ve attented two festivals, it got really hot, then it got colder again and because the sun goes down so late, I am not sleeping enough which leads to a weird feeling of constant detachment as if I am cruising on a tiny little cloud, shaped like a skateboard. And I already looked, it’s not an actual skateboard and I am not high.

Anyways, after a somewhat dull April, I really enjoyed May, I interviewed a couple of great bands and had one of the truly great interviews (oh, that they still happen more often than not is a joy) with Josh Tillman aka John Father Misty which I – if I am bored enough – might even transcribe and put on here. Oh yes, if I find the time, I might add quite a few interviews on here because I finally decided that that’s what the world needs, more rambling by random people.

(Again, I love that song, it’s creeping right under my skin and sends shivers up my spine)

The Dig – digging for a current video

I’ve actually heard quite a few good albums this month, discussed most of them but want to point to The Dig, who have a crappy bandname because you can’t find their videos on youtube if you type that in and also, all their videos are a thousand years old despite having released a new album just now. BANDS WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Anyways, their new album is called “Midnight Flowers” and has this great, dark 50s album cover and sounds like a weird mixture of Retro Rock, Dream Pop and the vocals remind me of Caleb Jones and even Frusciante at times. Yeah, it’s hard to describe which is good I guess. It doesn’t really translate on their youtube videos which might or might not stem from the fact that these are old as hell and also don’t feature any new songs. However, the album itself is amazing and actually takes you on a surprising journey.

All the Rowboats

I also fell in love with Regina Spektor’s new album “What we saw from the cheap seats”, her first single and nearly the strongest song on the album, “All the rowboats” is a lyrical masterpiece as it deals with art dying in museums, old and famous violins buried in glass cases, it’s an eery image to have but it works great with the dramatic composition.

Her best song is also the weirdest and called “Open”. She does one of her vocal experiments in it that sounds like she’s just been strangled and now gasps for air. It’s chilling and very powerful but the album is generally incredible, I even love the understated last song, even though I initially thought it was a little too cutesy for a final song. But then I thought of its notion (waking up so we don’t waste growing older) and now it’s one of my favourites. Good songwriting can do wonders with the way how you perceive a song and Spektor always proves that point by transforming songs into real theater with her stories.

Neko Case is actually quite good – for country

A song that I rediscovered after finding a horribly written Halloween piece on my blog (I removed it to revise it, it was funny and tasteless but not balanced enough, it made me really scared what still lingers in the depths of this blog…). Anyways, the song is “Deep Red Bells” by Neko Case and it deals with the Green River Killer and how vulnerable Neko felt during the time he terrorized Seattle. It’s very haunting and I love that she uses this strong and loud voice to – at least for me – give a voice to the victims because as far as media coverage goes, they hardly ever get someone to speak on their behalf. It’s beautiful and I don’t think I have listened to a song over and over again like that for quite a while (except maybe “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”).

I am Legend? More like I am boring, ammiright?!

I FINALLY finished “I am Legend”. What can I say. 130 pages more of the last 30 pages and I would have liked it but to be honest, for me it felt like “The old man and the sea” which I found equally painful (I know, it’s a classic but I am not forced to like everything that is considered a classic, ok?) as nothing really happens. I mean, what is wrong with that guy?


If I or anyone really, would be the last person on earth, I first of all would not think that I am the last person on earth and I would search everywhere for other people. Not so the protagonist, he looked through his neighbourhood and left it at that, center of the earth, oh foolish and vain man! Second, why would I stay in the city and not at least try to get somewhere, where it’s remote and safe, hell, maybe even look for other people because they might be smarter and not spend their time surrounded by vampires but in a safe place in the mountains? All this annoyed me so much that I eventually didn’t care what happened to him and how much he was tormented by his own thoughts because in a way he was the epitome of a self-centered teenager wallowing in self-pity without doing anything.

(I remember more from the Will Smith movie and I’ve seen that when it first came out and then never again, what does that say about the book that I read two weeks ago? Which reminds me, I really wanted to see the Hunger Games…)

Use lingua franka or get your nails did

For a new idea to make it easier to live with one another, I – Juliane the Great – will rule that one should always converse in the language that most and possibly all people around understand, switching to another language amidst conversation is weird, makes the outsider feel awkward and paranoid (because you will always assume that they talk about you) and it’s considered rude. Everyone who doesn’t obey this rule, will be sentenced to one visit at an Asian pedicure center where cute little Asian girls will speak in a language he doesn’t understand and occasionally look at him and giggle for two straight hours.

People who violate the rule twice have to endure the same but instead of getting a pedicure, they will get a tattoo. There you go.

(Recorded from a toaster)

PS: As I am writing this, I am watching/listening to the MTV Movie Awards and I actually thought that Fun.’s song was  a sketch because it sounded so bad. But then I realized that the lyrics were not supposed to be funny and a sense of dread overcame me. I will never ever say that again but – the Glee version sounds better.


6 thoughts on “That was the month that was: May in music and whatever

    1. What happened to Will Smith? I don’t even want to see MIB 3 because this whole time traveling and joking about ye olden times has become such a horrible formula in movie making…I would also say that the movie actually managed to completely miss the point of the whole novel. Thinking of it, it’s nearly as bad an adaption as “The Golden Compass”.


      1. Um, well, yes…
        Actually, I found the Golden Compass to be quite true adaptation of the book.
        It was bad alright, but it was so in about the same way as its original.


      2. Ouch, hard words. I’ve read it quite a few years ago but I didn’t remember it being so bad, I actually really enjoyed it.


      3. I might be a little unfair. The book might have been a bit less stupid than the movie.
        I was predisposed against it, very much so, because I watched the movie first.


      4. I might have the same problem with “The Lovely Bones”. I can’t tell whether the book is really cheesy or whether the movie just tinged my judgement. I started it a couple of weeks ago and I can’t get myself to pick it up again after the first twenty pages or so.


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