Lazy Sunday: Take a shot at the clown

Based on true events…le sigh.This is what happens when you stay home for a while and get into this crazy “comfy” look that makes you look like it’s laundry day every day of the week.


7 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday: Take a shot at the clown

    1. NEVER! Clowns, mimes, hypnotists and magicians will never be anywhere near my wishlist. If there was a subconscious wish to use suspenders for anything, then it was for a 20s silent movie comedy number.


      1. Well, Gandalf is pretty badass and “The Prestige” was also cool. But modern magicians are horrible. Chriss Angel, David Blaine…it’s like they invented the douche-magician. Houdini however – brilliant, but also because he never took his audience for idiots.


      2. Gandalf ans The Prestige.
        Yeah, please pull the other one, it’s got bells on.
        But Houdini is okay, and I for one like Penn and Teller. Of course.


      3. Oh yeah, they’re old-fashioned and awesome. Which reminds me, I wanted to watch their “Penn & Teller’s bullshit” for a while now.


      4. They’re also libertarians and had an appearance in The West Wing, burning the flag of the USA in the White House.
        Which obviously has nothing to do with their ability as entertaining magicians but makes them more awesome to me in general.


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