Stepdad: Wildlife Pop

There is something about 80s pop that I adore, especially when it goes in the cheesy, epic hymn direction (think John Farnam) where you imagine a huge crowd of people singing along. Stepdad have something of Passion Pit, this wiry, flickering 80s sound that should be (and quite possibly is) really cheesy but is too much fun to dislike.

With Passion Pit we also have the probably most similar band at hand, however, I would think that they don’t really try to hop on any bandwagon. Besides, they did a song for a webcomic, released their first EP on bandcamp and financed their recent album (produced by Chris Zane) on Kickstarter which basically means that these guys are in it for the music, no one goes through so much hassle to be cool. Plus: It’s so cheery. Do you know how much miserable, melancholic and angry music I’ve listened to lately? Of course you do, you read this blog. So this is one of the rare moments of singular joy. It will be over soon, so cherish it…

(I really don’t cherish the video, though. Look, back in the 90s this might have been cool for the karaoke-homevideo of a 40 year old man who had a short career as a synth-pop singer in the 80s but this is the 21st century, ironic music videos only work when they are really funny and don’t burn out your eyes…le sigh…why is this kind of musicvideo making still a thing?)


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