No music for you: Storycorps is something for the heart

Oh dear, animations, my only weakness. I cried during Toy Story 3, The Iron Giant and several Hey Arnold episodes. Animations make me melt. So what storycorps are doing is a one way ticket to tear-town.

The cartoons visualize memories of important people. But not important in the historical sense, rather in the personal sense, it’s anecdotes of people who remember their loved ones, most of the time it’s heart-warming and also sad because people leave our life every now and then and all we have left are memories. It helps to see them in such a beautiful way and the fact that they use the voices of the people who are left, makes the stories even more beautiful.

There are interviews with a man who has lost his big love at 9/11, there is a heart breaking and at the same time so incredibly optimistic and warm interview with an old couple where he suffers from cancer and will die soon. Another one is by a son who remembers his father who always worked so hard to feed his family. I think it’s the simple approach: an honest story without any artificial drama with animations that are only there to visualize and not to change or influence the story, maybe even make it easier for the interviewees to talk about their loved ones.

And they talk about things like this, which struck me especially, as it recently had been on my mind.

There are a select few that are funny and don’t end on a note that makes you cry waterfalls, one of my favourites is Miss Devine – it’s quite possibly the cutest cartoon short I’ve ever seen and it really shows how beautiful the animation is in its simplicity and old-school capture of the people they portray.

(The way they tell the story…I could listen to them till the end of time)

PS: I found them – again – through Kate Beaton’s tumblr, I start to feel really guilty because I keep on rehashing her finds. It’s only to spread the love, though, good art needs it.


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