Cover me badly: ‘Light Flight’ Pentangle/Bruce Peninsula

Often, if you listen to a cover song first and love it, it doesn’t matter how good the original is, the cover will always be the first time you came into contact with this song.

I guess the same goes for Bruce Peninsula’s version of Pentangle’s „Light Flight“. I didn’t even know Pentangle before (I kinda like it but only kinda, maybe I would need to get into some LARP costume to appreciate it more).

But I love the grittiness of Bruce Peninsula, there is something so earthy about their music, that I always feel as if they are singing to my blood, my subconscious, my spirit animal*. It also sounds a little heavier which they always manage with their great gospel choir atmosphere.

This is considerably louder than the previous.

*which probably is some really weird and obscure animal that disproves God’s existence in its pointlessness and wacky antics, like this mould Physarum polycephalum that is capable of thinking even though it doesn’t have a brain. Just like me!


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