The Mynabirds ‘Generals’: So, that’s how an album sounds that you write in Nebraska

I know it must be a pain for artists but I love track by track interviews because a song or an album has to be completely in my head until I finally listen to the lyrics. That’s just how I roll (also, as I don’t listen to that many guitar-songwriters, the music usually does not revolve around the lyrics). So a track by track interview gives a certain context for a good album that can turn it into an exceptional album.

The Mynabirds’ „Generals“ is one of them, it starts in a Bluesrock style of The Duke Spirit but soon turns into a more theatrical direction along the lines of Tu Fawning or Ane Brun.

Laura Burhenn’s themes are very strong, sometimes confrontational (especially at the beginning) and tackle responsibility for other beings. She is also facing a lot of people in her surroundings that suddenly got kids (what is going on here?) and reflected how one becomes more aware of society and trying to not only do the best for oneself but also help others. And you don’t have to save the world to do that, just try to save those around you.

So, the second part of the album focuses pretty much on that, giving hope, giving a hand for everyone who is too far down the rabbit hole to get out themselves. It’s beautifully packaged in music that now and then plays with Yeasayer percussion („Disarm“) and even has a 50s song for slow dancing which is about an experience Lauren had, when she strolled along with her fresh new love through the streets of NY right after the 9/11 attacks. This contrast between her own fluttering heart and the war-like surroundings and grief of a nation finds its way in a message that I personally like: „you can’t fix everything. But, you can fix whatever relationships are right around you.“


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