Hjaltalin: Iceland has the greatest music

This band from Iceland has released an album in 2010 which was called „Terminal“ and which has the grandeur of a 50s musical (and I am talking „Westside Story“ here). It is a joyful, epic, big, dramatic and incredibly beautiful album with gestures as big as the Grand Canyon. I know that I often use the term ‘cinematic’ (because I like music that can tell stories) but this is quite possibly the most cinematic indie music I’ve ever heard, there is a full orchestra behind this band and they combine classical music and contemporary indie so incredibly well that you just listen with your mouth open (be careful, it will stay that way after midnight).

(I love his voice, it reminds me of the more powerful and aggressive version of Tom Fleming (Wild Beasts) whose voice is quite possibly responsible for the real climate change, because it melts through ice)

You do not just want to run through fields of flowers when you listen to them, oh no, you want birds and mice to sow you a dress (or suit) for you and then you want to gather at least 50 professional dancers to come up with a fitting choreography, invent a time machine to get back Gene Kelly, so he can lead (together with yourself) that you can perform on that field of flowers. It’s that epic.


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