Kithkin ‘Takers & Leavers’

I tell you, you will listen to „Ampersand“ by Kithkin and probably like the song but probably think that you’ve heard music like this before. But please, go to their bandcamp page and listen through the whole gloriousness that is their EP „Takers & Leavers“ because after this pop delight they offer some of the most raucous, violent and fun pop-bash-monsters I’ve heard in quite a while and there are some intense instrumental parts in there, it’s a party, it’s a riot, it’s a riot with confetti and free beer, a party where someone probably steals your tv sets and pukes in the cat litter. It’s glorious.

Vocally, I do get reminded of the Wild Beasts, probably because one of their two exceptional singers sounds (at least on record) a little like Tom Flemyng (oh, how do I love thee) and therefore adds a sombre softness to the otherwise explosive songs (he also plays drums, and therefore officially picks up 90% of all the groupies, good on you).

However, musically, it’s more like Vampire Weekend go into a club and pick a fight with a garage band from the 60s and the Blood Brothers and…who threw that Hammond, young men, I want the person responsible, this is not acceptable!

They love drums, that’s what it says in their band text and boy, they mean it. They also love noise and experimental rock and quite possibly the inner turmoil of being overwhelmed because that’s exactly how you feel when you listen to this gem.

It’s one of those delicate and precious findings that you don’t expect, I mean, I can deal with a great songwriter or a cool electro duo now and then but those highly ambitious (and successful) bands with a musical vision that surpasses trends and genres are too much for me, so please hand me a bag full of confetti, so I can control my breathing. I love you Kithkin, I really do and I feel like I’ve just been through a marathon after listening to the EP, so I’ll have the free beer now and yes, you can put the cat litter right next to me, I am not used to running…


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