Twin Shadow ‘Confess’: Freddy Mercury and 80s teen movies had a baby

I have this spotify playlist that’s called „sounds like a Hughes movie“ which has a bunch of 80s songs and then another bunch of songs that sound like the 80s because you might have noticed, a lot of music does these days.

However, whereas bands like Maps & Atlases or artists like Eugene McGuinness have selected tunes that sound like a proper 80s pop tune, Twin Shadow has a whole and incredibly beautiful album full of them.

His second album „Confess“ is a heaven made of synth clouds, his voice is picture perfect and this guy has a neck for melodies…usually I listen to the album as a whole and then decide on favourite songs on the second and third listen but this album: instant classics, those kind of songs you want to hear over and over again, that pump through your veins and make your heart beat go faster.

And the best: this might sound like the most 80s album you’ve ever heard but at the same time it’s unlikely that you will find anything like it in the vast discography of a 80s music nerd.

It’s a modern approach to an old sound, it’s produced to perfection and gleams in the sun and this kind of music needs that approach, I want to slip on the production value because it’s so slick like I would slick on the trail of hair products, George leaves behind.

George Lewis Jr. is by far my favourite amongst the numerous number of 80s flashbacks and there are quite a few (Blood Orange, for example). That he reminds me of Freddy Mercury AND that he covered Peter Gabriel adds to the instant music crush on this guy. Oh, and the hair. Glorious. He says Puerto Rican women only take two hours for it, Japanese need a little longer, like four hours. I don’t know why I am writing that down, I spend a minute on my hair and that’s probably exaggerated.

No, seriously, awesome album, great artist, I love the 80s (the music, not the many many political, social and economic issues), so this is right up my alley.

Edit (9th July 2012): According to the Washington Post, or rather their writer Chris Richards, people praising this album are not only a sign that indie rock is buried in the blogosphere but also that everyone who bashed Lana Del Rey and likes Twin Shadow is sexist.

I’d say that everyone who calls “Confess” Indie Rock has it wrong (which kind of destroys the whole argument of Chris’ review), this album is as Indie Rock as George Michael was punk – so…not really, but there is a huge difference between style, songwriting and genre of Lana and Twin Shadow and had she made a more up-tempo album, who knows what would have happened. Now, maybe I shouldn’t even adress this, as I didn’t call George Lewis Jr. a rebel, nor Indie Rock nor did I attack Del Rey for being too polished and attractive. Ney, I attacked her (maybe not on this blog but definitely in my head) for making – in my opinion – very dull music. But I just wanted to throw that out: if you want to make a comparison, make a proper one, attribute the right genres, pick two similar musicians and get all arguments right. It’s one of my pet peeves (mainly because I hate myself when I do it) to falsely compare things, forcing them to get together only to make a point. That’s like handing Hitler a handful of innocent Jewish kids if you ask me.


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