That was the month that was: June 2012 in music and stuff

Oh June, you will be noted as the weirdest month of the first half of the year, who knows whether you keep that up till December.

The weather was like every summer...some sun and some rain and a lot of people complaining how bad the summer is
The weather was like every summer…some sun and some rain and a lot of people complaining how bad the summer is

I didn’t go to that many concerts and I didn’t listen to a lot of music, I basically listened to Plants & Animals, Neko Case and Anais Mitchell; and the two 2012 albums will definitely rank high in my Best Of list, I am sure.

(I got so melancholic over these songs…train rides and songs like this, they create a dangerous concoction)

Anyways, I did also enjoy the Mynabirds, the Lady behind has a great outlook on her own music and I liked her themes and the overall concept of her album.

Oh, and I listened to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call me maybe”, boy, that song…is poison. It’s sweet sweet poison and I did dance to it and I want to sing it at Karaoke night and flirt with a random guy that on closer inspection does not look as handsome but will smile at me in this creepy way for the rest of the night. I fucking hate Carly Rae for that deviously catchy song.

WARNING! It’s really catchy, like, really really catchy.

I also went sweating and being crushed during the concert of hometown heroes Coogans Bluff. Despite my blog title, I fucking hate moshpits, I am not one for physical contact with strangers and I was glad I had a friend with me with whom I could joke and irritate the guy in front of us by pretending to puke into his hoody. Yes, I am that horrible, if I have a bad time, everyone else has to have a bad time as well.

Anyways, as soon as we broke through the barrier of every concert crowd, the one where you go from insane and horrible moshpit to cool leaned back music nerds listening to the show while standing still, it was a blast. I actually got into a weird trance and I think I saw my spirit animal.

Hey, did you hear that the Smashing Pumpkins released a new album? Of course, even the old hermit that lives under my kitchen sink heard of it and even though I am not a big fan of them, I enjoyed it. So much about that.

My reading list was weird and one of the examples has been discussed here, so no need to go further into that but please, check out Derf’s blog and homepage, it’s really entertaining and funny.

The EM came and went, usually I kinda get into it but this time I couldn’t be bothered and only half heartedly watched the German games. To be honest, when I wasn’t watching with friends, I just had it on and did other things throughout, the last game was spent dancing to 80s pop tunes and I don’t regret a second of it.

(I love you internet, looking for 80s pop tunes and I find this…)

– awkward topic change –

Movie Tip!

I urge everyone to watch “small-town Murder Songs”. I gushed over the soundtrack by the phenomenal Bruce Peninsula before but the movie is just as brilliant. It’s one of those very calm and slow-paced movies where everything is raging underneath. One of those where you can feel the tension in the air. It’s superbly acted with a lot of “OMG; it’s this guy/girl from that movie”, crowned by Peter Stormare who should win an Oscar for his portrayal of a tragically helpless Sheriff.

The images are beautiful, the soundtrack is like another character within the movie and the story is gritty. It’s perfection.

– awkward topic change –

My rule for less social awkwardness:

Down with the lover’s wall!

What’s the lover’s wall, you ask? Well, it’s this thing that happens when couples are so generous to let an outsider (preferable a single) sit between them. Not for some kinky sexy time but because they don’t want to be one of THOSE couples that always have to sit next to each other.

And the single will offer to change seats because he knows what’s coming but no, they won’t have it, they are not one of the exhausting couples.

Instead, they will spend the entire time building a horrible, impenetrable wall of loving glances, touching hands and bristling sexual tension between the single and the rest of the group, alienating, irritating and frightening the single who feels as if he’s cowering between giants who will eat him eventually.

So, here’s my rule for less social awkwardness:

If a single offers to change seats, so you two lovebirds can sit together, you can take that offer, nay, you must because it’s not out of the goodness of his heart. He actually wants you to take the offer because he is too polite to say “Hell no, you’re going to sit next to each other, I don’t want to get the drool of your desire on my jeans when you can’t touch each other at least a dozen times each minute because I am in the middle of it.”

(what no one knew, the guy on the chair met Mr Blonde in a cinema when he was with his girlfriend and poor Mr Blonde had to sit between them for the whole time. Try watching “Alien” with a couple always reaching over your junk to hold hands during the scary scenes, you would be pissed as well)

And yes, the single was me. I am not a he, that was just to fool you into thinking that it happened to someone else.

Oh, and the last thing: I nearly threw a hissy fit when I encountered a girl (it couldn’t have been a woman, she sounded like she was 15) complained about annoying feminists, admitting herself that she has no idea about feminist studies, topics and issues.

(yeah, we’re such militant, angry lesbians, getting raped and murdered all the time, like we’re so special and we hate men so much, gosh, do I hate men, all my male friends can tell you how much I always hate them, with my lesbian hatred of their penis and…erm…their manliness that I try to have because I am so butch? Wait, what was I talking about?)

I have this rule not to get into internet arguments because I am not able to leave them there and get actually upset and emotional over them but I am playing with the idea of maybe, only maybe, starting a (German) blog on feminist issues because if girls think we achieved all and only bicker because there are no proper topics to talk about anymore just because their life is hunky dory, then something is seriously wrong (watch the news, girl!). I will probably not do it because it would have to be funny (like, tons of penis jokes) and that’s harder to do than whining about ignorant internet commenters but who knows.


6 thoughts on “That was the month that was: June 2012 in music and stuff

  1. Call me maybe?
    I’m never again gonna take your opinion on music seriously.
    And those couples: I don’t care if I sit between, besides, above or below them. It’s not my position that’s the problem.


    1. I know, I know, I was devastated when I started to hum it at work. It’s like “mmmbop” and “When you’re looking like that”…sometimes my music nerd brain malfunctions. I could have kept it a secret to keep my street cred but that would have been worse, I might be a music nazi who now and then likes top 40 pop but I am not a hypocrite.


      1. mmmbop isn’t half-bad. When you’re looking like that is tolerable.
        Call me maybe is not a poison, It’s that slimy mouldy stuff left in the bottom of your biological waste bin if you don’t clean it regularly. Might taste sweet, though. I never tried.
        I don’t mind pop music in general, but people who like call me maybe have worse taste in music than Hitler.
        There you have it. Said it. Didn’t want to, but had no choice. I hope you’re happy now.
        I’m upset. Going to eat some cake.


      2. That raises the question what Hitler actually listened to. I mean, the term “music nazi” might have a real background there. Maybe he was really into underground bands and stuff. By the way, you actually gave me inspiration for a post next week but it will make everything worse, so you threw out the infamous hitler comparison too soon.


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