No music for you: Bill Cosby on Prejudice

I wrote about Mr. Cosby this week and stumbled over this fine video of a very young Bill reciting every single prejudice he ever came across. It’s a great piece and – as usual – contrasts the horrific comment section under the video that lets you damn humanity a little more.

Cosby hardly ever addressed racial issues in his programs which is peculiar and amusing because at the same time he might have been one of the most influential African Americans to bring forward alternative images of the African American culture, intelligence and humor to the very narrow stereotypes that at that point popped up in the media.

I love this piece, the musical background is complementing the comedic value because it is really fun, the delivery is perfect because it’s very conversational and therefore reminds a lot of the actual prejudices in random interactions with people. I laughed a lot during this and it actually gets better the more often I watch it. It’s this kind of laughter that accompanies angry Bill Hicks or Stewart Lee bits, the ones where you laugh because what else could you do? Cry? Give up? Nuke the whole planet? Nope, laughing is alright and this is fantastic.

Edit 02/2015: I forgot about this post (and two others within the same time frame) about Mr. Cosby and only recently was alerted to the fact that I once did not know about the horrid accusations by quite believable victims against him. I will leave this post here, nonetheless, because it is part of our pop cultural history and the message – whoever may deliver it – rings true. I will say, though, that I cannot believe how anyone could still spit the “proven until guilty”-mantra when they themselves will find more than 20 women guilty of lying.


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