Favourite Song: Exitmusic ‚Passage‘

This is a really heavy, powerful song, one of those that gently grab you, lift you up and then suddenly hurl you into storm clouds. They are another band from the label Secret Canadian, a constant bearer of great bands. They do remind me of another band concerning the vocals, I might get to it but maybe not.

These guys and gals are one of those New York duos (does every new young, musically inclined citizen get paired up with another young musician of the opposite sex in New York to form a band?). Anyways, their album is nearly too dense and intense for my liking but maybe that’s just the present me talking that is not too much into the drowsy, powerful and heavy stuff right now.

Because their music is fantastic. Think of Beach House during nighttime, because even though the music is not heavy instrumentally (well, it is now and then but not so much that it would be considered “heavy” by, let’s say, someone who listens to stuff like HEALTH), it sounds like this feeling when you lie in the bathtub and let the water out, feeling heavier and heavier the more it goes through the drain. Yeah, the image is prettier than that sentence but what can I do, I am a clumsy writer.

Apparently, the woman is actress Alexa Palladino who starred in “Boardwalk Empire” another HBO series I plan to watch but neither have the time nor patience for right now as I am knee deep in old SNL episodes and they mean more to me than anything any other tv series to me right now.

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