Lazy Sunday: No fish for you!

Sorry for the bad quality, I could say that I took this photo with my toaster but that would be an insult to my toaster because I am quite sure it’s more modern than my mobile phone.

Anyways, he looks like the Tarantino version of a Pixar movie about a fish that looks for his son to honor-kill him.

I like it, I like food that really resents me eating it, gives me a certain sense of smugness that I couldn’t enjoy if it was one of those fish that just looked miserable and sad.


6 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday: No fish for you!

      1. Whale, I have no idea. Maybe Harpoon Network, especially Adult Swim should be Adequarius for our searies.


      2. Oh, my bass, I will triton not make that mistake again. I guess, I urchintly need some grammarielle programs.


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