Lazy Sunday: Wedding Card Comic fun

I was at a friend’s wedding a couple of weeks ago. No, that’s a lie, I was at a post-wedding party which means that I am still a wedding cake virgin and I hate every minute of it.

Anyways, I brought a card and everything but forgot it at my dad’s home, so obviously I promised to mail it later and waited at least three weeks (because it’s impolite otherwise). And because I had hastily written the card (a really weird, vintage children’s card with a bear on it) on my trainride to my hometown (because I am a horrible friend) I decided to make a new and shiny one with a stellar drawing of the bride, the groom and their dog Milo.

I think I was going for some sort of Neverending story theme here and it looked way better in my head.


4 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday: Wedding Card Comic fun

    1. Every minute of not yet having been able to gobble down a big piece of wedding cake while trash talking about the other guests.


      1. I have been to exactly one wedding party and might thus be unqualified to counsel you in the matter, but if I had to voice an opinion, I might say that it fails to live up to the hype.


      2. Yeah, I probably should make sure to attend a wedding of some celebrity couple or at least otherwise decadent people who have doves flying out of the cake.


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