Bill Cosby on Jazz

While doing research on an article (that also lead me to the videos on prejudice) I found this clip where he talks about this one time when he wanted to play drums with these big shot jazz musicians and…well…I was crying while watching it, it’s this great combination of good storytelling and excellent slapstick.

I could have added that to the other video but I felt that it would have been too much of a change in mood and I know how sensitive you are.

Edit 02/2015: I forgot about this post (and two others within the same time frame) about Mr. Cosby and only recently was alerted to the fact that I once did not know about the horrid accusations by quite believable victims against him. I will leave this post here together with the other one, nonetheless, because it is part of our pop cultural history and deleting it will help no one. I will say, though, that I cannot believe how anyone could still spit the “proven until guilty”-mantra when they themselves will find more than 20 women guilty of lying.

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