Favourite Song: Vierkanttretlager – Fotoalbum

Dreams are weird, ammiright? a couple of nights ago I dreamt of the singer of Vierkanttretlager who helped me out with a weird contest about a car. I have no idea why, I haven’t listened to their music for weeks if not months and as far as I know haven’t really had any other recent experience with them. And no, we don’t have to talk about this dream now because I know that most people hate that kind of stuff, I just wanted to explain why this song and why now.

Because he has been so nice to me in my dream, I decided to write about them at work and then realized that their song „Fotoalbum“ dug up some fond memories of their Immergut show and after listening to it a few more times I realized that this is the kind of song that will always have the connotation of this moment amidst happy, sweaty masses in a hot festival tent, all in love with these four youngsters on stage and their heartfelt and beautiful music. This will be one of the songs I listen to whenever I feel uprooted and need some grip and calm. It also smells of the sea and I miss the sea.


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