A Mighty Wind: Folk em hold em

This is a stellar mockumentary from the maker of “Spinal Tap” and it’s about folk music. It’s fantastic, most of the time I was just in awe at the brilliance of the actors’ portrayals. There is such a seriousness about their characters that is hilarious. And there is even a sweet moment by the end. But this here (a scene that unfortunately didn’t make it into the movie) is pure comedy gold. Oh, and fun fact: these three guys are the three Spinal Tap actors. Mind blown.

The cast is one of those were the first ten to twenty minutes consist of the audience slapping each other out of sheer glee and surprise. And the dialogue – apparently director Christopher Guest allows for a lot of improvisation. I am not sure how much of the following scene (stellar) has been improvised but the delivery and timing is spot on.

The best, however, is Eugene Levy,  I don’t want to get into detail about his character but it’s so…weird, yet believable and it’s just great. Why the hell did Jeff Bridges get an Oscar for “Crazy”, Levy deserved it so much more.


2 thoughts on “A Mighty Wind: Folk em hold em

    1. Weirdly enough, it’s a little hard to come by in Germany but over amazon.com you can get it (amazon.de has ridiculous prices for it but maybe they drop sometime in the future). Ebay and international movie sites also offer it. It’s a shame that no German company has bought the distribution rights but then again, this makes sure that we’ll never have to endure the dubbing…


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