Lost Lander: Portland, you did it again!

Portland is my new Canada, somehow they have created a music scene that is incredibly interwoven and to give you an example how interwoven:

Lost Lander’s recent album(beautifully named “DRRT” – you have to say it out loud and make the Errmerrgerrd face) has been produced by Brent Knopf who was a member of Menomena but now has his own project Ramona Falls. If I am not mistaken, for a short while Joe Haege, more known with his fantastic band Tu Fawning has been a replacement for Brent. Members of Tu Fawning have also played parts in the comedy series “Portlandia” just as Modest Mouse and members from The Decemberists who are responsible for me knowing Laura Veirs (Colin Meloy at some point promoted her album “July Flames” who shares the same surname as Laura Gibson. They all reside in Portland.

Lost Lander share some of Brent Knopf’s asthetics, mainly in the piano, he has this way of really melancholic yet light melodies. However, his influence doesn’t overpower the generally very dynamic style of Lost Lander and rather complements it. They have this huge group vibe going as Edward Sharpe or the Fleet Foxes (weird combination but listen to “Afraid of Summer” – it makes sense).

Speaking of “Afraid of Summer”, it’s sickeningly beautiful .

What is also sickeningly beautiful is the album booklet of the physical version of their album. You can fold it into a little planetarium thanks to Matt Sheehy, voice and decider which delivery food to order for the band.

(you can hear a little of the Edward Sharpe part in here, it’s very relaxing)

On another completely unrelated note: I just discovered “Parks and Recreation” (I know, hella late) and I just have to post this because it’s gorgeous:

This is me with cake and I am not lying here. I am the most selfish, obnoxious person when it comes to cake, I will eat the last piece even if I had all the other pieces before that, I will do it and I will not regret it because it is cake.


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