Lazy Sunday: This is NOT a look

I lived in Cardiff for a year which is the booziest student city I have ever encountered (drunken guys in giant diapers, that’s how boozy it is) and I currently live in Berlin which is not short on its own freaks. And it never is the freaks who want to be seen that catch my eye but those that are just weird.

Like this guy. I saw him twice that day, once on foot and once on a bike. Let me tell you this: this look does not improve on a saddle.


However, the freakiest (yet undrawn) person I’ve ever seen in Berlin was a guy rushing through the crowds at the subway station who was hastily putting on surgical gloves. I kid you not and I was instantly freaked out because in my head there was not a single explanation that didn’t involve screaming teenagers and corn sirup with red food coloring.


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