Favourite Songs: Double Whammy with Susanne Sundfor

To be honest, I love the whole album but that doesn’t come out till October, so I won’t be an ass and gush over it before it’s available and concentrate on these two incredible songs. Now, Susanne has turned into a very exciting direction, her previous album already was quite impressive but her new sounds mix the very dark and magical atmosphere of the grand orchestral compositions with hard and cold synthesizers, so you have a nice juxtaposition. To be honest, I immediately thought of Tu Fawning and Bat For Lashes who also have this sense of dangerous beauty in their music.

What really blew me away were the videos.

White Foxes is directed by Mats Udd and the imagery reminds me a lot of her album.

I also find it incredibly sad, somehow It feels like something lost from childhood, especially given the strong connections of foxes with storytelling and trickster myths.

“Silicon Veil” (directed by Luke Gilford) on the other hand surprised me and I actually would have fit that a lot more with the sounds of Natasha Khan’s second album “Two Suns” due to the themes of Joshua trees and the percussion work on that album. However, within the context of “Silicon Veil” it actually fits perfectly because it combines those harsh and modern elements of Susanne’s music with the dream-like quality that always is a little unsettling.

I actually did an interview with her last week and it was really nice. The promoter turned around after the interview and said that he thought it was a good one and that it wasn’t as pretentious as some others which kind of offended me because I always go for pretentiousness. I really must have lost my arrogant, disgustingly smug intellectual edge throughout the summer months.


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