IKEA has a new chair model called ‚Obama’ and Clint Eastwood is not happy about it

By now, probably most have seen the video, it took me a while because it is so hard to watch. It’s hilarious but it is also sad because it’s an old man arguing with a chair and not just addressing a chair but actually having a conversation with it. “What’s that, chair? You want me to do what?”

You want to know what problem I have with what happened there?

Instead of insulting that chair, Eastwood should have called the police because if that chair indeed was responsible for the war in Afghanistan and pretty much everything else that (apparently) went wrong during President Obama’s reign, continuously posing as ‘Mr Obama’, then this chair should be put into jail for crimes of identity theft and the resulting economical and social downfall of America. So shame on you, Mr Eastwood, sir, because one day you will look back at this day and realize that the end of the world was brought by the heinous crimes of this chair and you did nothing except insult it in front of hundreds of people, therefore making it even more angry at us humans than it already was.

I for one welcome our new chair overlords.


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