Two Gallants ‘The Bloom and the Blight’

I like miserable Rock’n Roll, the kind where you automatically grab for your moonshine and think of past loves, bitterly spitting on the floor which – as you later realize – was a bad idea because you’re not in some bar but at home and you will definitely step barefoot into your own spit later on. You would think it’s not that gross because it’s your own spit but you are wrong. Deadly wrong.

Two Gallants’ new album is a nice mixture of angry rock songs and beautiful fingerpicking folk ditties. It would make the most confusing soundtrack to a bar fight scene, with flying fists in „ride away“ and then sobbing silently on the shoulder of your enemy during „decay“ but this is what being a real man or a really manly woman is all about: to stand to all of your feelings, the iron tears proudly gleaming in your angry beard. I salute you, Two Gallants.


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