Remembering the Underdog Cru during my Hip Hop Phase: The Best of times

I had this craz-ey week behind me, doing an interview with two of the most prolific pop stars in Germany (Xavier Naidoo who does – soul, I guess – and Kool Savas who does Hip Hop). I am not too fond of their music but they were really nice, charming and talkative during the interview, so I never can trashtalk them ever again. Shucks.

That, however, caused me to listen to some really oldschool Hip Hop of my heydays in 97/98. I was into it all, I wrote raps (although I never would have publicly performed), I drew (badly) and I did breakdance (badly and no alcohol in the world can cause me to ever do it in front of people again). I also listened to quite a few insanely awesome bands, first and foremost to the local Underdog Cru who I still think were absolutely overseen in the German music scene and it’s a shame that they never made it. They had clever and fun lyrics, a badass DJ and a very infectious stage presence. They had it all, except the necessary contacts to make it big. Fuck the business.

Anyways, this (please, scroll down) is their only proper music video, which was recorded by Matt from the Beginners, a big German Hip Hop group that were my other favourites. I love the 70s vibe and the whistling and pretty much everything in this song. Boy, I was the least cool Hip Hop girl in the entire world but there is a big amount of nostalgia rolling along whenever I listen to this.

Man, the lyrics alone, no lame rhymes! I hate lazy rhymes, this whole Gangsta Rap thing is build on the same 10 rhymes and a lot of good DJs that never get the appreciation they deserve. But this right here? Gold.

I had no style, no confidence and in the club I used to dance at all times when a song came on that I liked. NO ONE ELSE DID, so I was usually standing next to a bunch of people who talked to each other or just looked cool and I dorked out like no tomorrow. The extremely cool and older boyfriend of my best friend always found that funny but never in a mean way but still, it didn’t really make me feel like a superstar to be the comic relief at every party.

BUT it was the first time that I really felt I belonged to a certain scene and even if it – in retrospect – was not really my scene, it was pretty cool to identify with a group of people solely based on the music they listened to, sneering towards everyone that didn’t agree.

One of them made it quite big solo (as Marteria/Marsimoto) and I know that a few others still spin the records sometimes. Still…this was the best.


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