Lazy Sunday ft. Favourite Song: Efterklang ‘Apples’, Philosophy and farty seminars

Hey you guys, Efterklang have a new song out and they also want you to have it for free! Awesomesauce.

I still remember it like it was yesterday, one of the truly magical concert moments of my life at the Immergut festival. It was the last concert on the big stage, I think, and the photographers all took photos during the first couple of songs and then just sat down in front of the stage and watched it. Everyone was in this peaceful state of love and bliss, there was a real shared moment going on, everyone was happy, everyone was at peace. I listened to their album for weeks on end only to keep this memory alive.

The new song is called „Apples“ and it’s very sad and beautiful.

I initially had not gotten any of my interviews at this festival and then – it was my birthday – the great gal that organized all the interviews for us called me while I was somewhere taking pictures and said that I got the Efterklang interview in 30 minutes. I was so psyched and eventually ended up with their bass player somewhere far in the backstage area with mosquitos all around us that were just crazy. And he said this thing that you never can produce something perfect and you never want to because if you did, there would be nothing left to do. I really loved that.

I remember this one philosophy seminar I had, I think it was theoretical philosophy which is considered the nerdy part of philosophy (as if there is one part of philosophy that even remotely could be cool). The lecturer was this awesome dude who always looked a little sad but I think that was because of his eyebrows.

I was sitting next to this girl who had some sort of flatulence problems but during the first couple of months I didn’t catch on to her and literally suspected everyone else (the lecturer and me included) of stinking up the place. In the end she had to do a presentation and I realized that suddenly the air cleared and I was free to breathe. She really didn’t look like it. I even did a comic about it*…I did a lot of comics during that time, it was something to do during boring lectures. Not that it was a boring seminar, except during the presentations, you know what I mean – not everyone is born to speak in front of people and not suck at it.

Anyways, I actually didn’t want to talk about flatulence as if that had anything to do with the Efterklang interview.

No, in the seminar we talked about these different theories of how truth is conceived and all the social elements that come with it. There are opinions that truth is only a social construct. The more believe it, the more accurate it is. It’s rather cynical and it’s not my opinion but whatever, for the sake of this entry, let’s just assume that’s true. So, there was also this theory – and I apologize for having no idea whose it was, I only remember things that I think are interesting – that every good scientific theory had to have holes and flaws in it, so the community would pick it up and work at it. Because then it would circulate and spread. It’s as if you can only become famous if enough people also dislike you and can nag how much you suck. Any news is good news – something like that.

And I asked the lecturer what would happen if someone found something that was just true, just perfect. And he looked at me with his sad eyebrows and said that hypothetically, the community would probably not accept it and ignore it and it would be as if it never existed.

Pretty heavy stuff, ey?

Oh and by the way, this is what happens, when I tell my self „to do a small entry“. Fuck you, me.



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