Favourite Song: Mumford & Sons ‘I will wait’

It ebbed a little, my love for Mumford & Sons. It’s not the fame, I can deal with that, heck, I wish bands like Elbow or The Decemberists would be as big as U2, these guys deserve it. But it’s been an awful long time for me since I’ve heard something new.

See, I am not trying to out-hipster you guys, it’s just that I did listen to their demos around 2008 and these made pretty much the album. So I knew most of their stuff about 1-2 years before the album got released. And it’s been almost 3-4 years since my first infatuation. That’s a long time to feed off of one album.

And there have been others. There have been Laura Marling and Anais Mitchell, The Bony King of Nowhere, Boy & Bear and Villagers. But still, I am excited that there will be a new album and even though their first single does sound familiar or maybe because it does, I’ll be first in line to get a hand on the album and take it in. Because their music did a lot for me and still feels like a blanket. So sorry for ignoring, it wasn’t meant as an insult.

And I guess I really see the irony in their song title and this entry. Well, I am a busy girl, Marcus Mumford, I can’t wait all day for you and your guys if you take so long, I mean, Laura released three albums during that time, THREE!


14 thoughts on “Favourite Song: Mumford & Sons ‘I will wait’

    1. If I actually could play the banjo, it would also be awesome to banjalong. Ok, that was lame. They also did this weird thing with Laura Marling and some Indian (?) musicians:

      It’s a weird combination that actually works…in a weird kind of way.


      1. Not at all.
        (Damn internet, in real life this would sound honest, written on the internet this sounds like a bad case of sarcasm.)


      2. Oh emoticons, used to hate them and then it got somehow mandatory at work because we mainly communicate through chat. I guess I forgot to write plausible without them, 😉


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