‘Poorly drawn lines’ changed my life

Reza Farazmand has a great comic site called „poorly drawn lines“ if you go from the first to the last comics you will notice that there is a shocking point where his style changed completely and got a lot better to where he is now. I suppose he struck a deal with the devil and was stupid enough to go for the webcomic artist instead of ANYTHING ELSE that might actually make money. one day

His comics are the life changing pieces that just move you. From dog pants to supertree – I used to prostitute myself to pay for my drug habit but since I know Poorly Drawn Lines, I turned my life around, quit putting on the red light and now pimp at least a dozen prostitutes to support my drug habit. Thanks Reza, you are awesome, so let me show my appreciation by linking the crap out of your comic:

Mine would have been ‘The old ass and the ass’

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