Black Mountain ‘Year Zero’: Woooosh

Oh, this year is good to me. Only a week ago I was wondering why so many favourite albums this year had come out in early winter and spring and lately had been so scarce. And then Black Mountain come along.

I already knew a song of theirs for my radio playlist (which – for all spotify users – can be heard here) but I did not expect what would eventually happen on this album. It’s a mixture of Black Angels, Black Sabbath and The Duke Spirit with some serious psychedelic warbling going on. Like, seriously serious. It’s glorious, epic, overwhelming and the stuff of your drug induced nightmares – in a good way.

And don’t let yourself get fooled by the opener ‘Phosphorescent waves’ because it nearly sounds like the last outburst from Brooklyn. No, wait till „Bright Lights“ which will ease you into a massive Rock’n Roll firestorm of enormous proportions which is followed by the song I got to know them through ‘Mary Lou’. I LOVE this kind of music. I don’t need more than 2-3 albums each year but I need them.

Their album is actually a soundtrack for the surf movie „Year Zero“. I will be seriously disappointed if it doesn’t feature a dog on a surfboard riding a freak wave who is followed by Keanu Reeves for his criminal ways because the music is that good.

Ok, I guess the surfer vibe is also responsible for rather weird stuff like ‘Embrace Ephoria’ or ‘In Sequence’ which sound more like relaxation dance songs from the mid 90s. But as they are both followed by metal/Black Sabbath beasts called „Tyrants“ and „Wilderness Heart“, it’s ok to now and then slip into esoteric black light territories.

And then – bam – some weird jazzy Rolling Stones stuff.

Did I mention that Black Mountain are from Canada? Seriously, as much as Portland tried to steal Canada’s thunder recently, this motherland of good music is still upfront. And it is so typical Canadian as it takes a music genre and turns it completely around. Do you remember inside out man from Nickelodeon? He was the coolest and somehow that’s what I think of, when I think of what Canadian music is to American music. It might frighten little children as well…

I changed my mind, the surf documentary could have the worst surfer dudes in it that ever existed and they would still look badass with that kind of soundtrack.


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