Field Music ‘Plumb’: Old news but it’s soooo amazing

I recently (finally) tuned into Field Music because they are nominated for the Mercury Price alongside the Maccabees. “Plumb” is a real surprise, because it is so incredibly colorful and magical and 70s glam/proggy that I got off my seat and did a little artsy dance for my colleagues at the office. Suffice to say that it was a success and everyone fell in love with my elegant movements.

Anyways, “Plumb” (that’s the title, folks) conjures up Genesis and early ELO and it is nothing short of genius. Usually, when I listen to this kind of music, I feel the need to turn it off and turn on some Genesis but Field Music actually manage to keep me interested and surprised long enough to get through the whole album and then some.

My heart hurts saying it, but if the Maccabees would lose to Field Music, I wouldn’t mind because this is gorgeous. I only worry how this would translate on stage, it feels as if it loses a lot without the ELO orchestra. Oh, and don’t trust any review that doesn’t mention the word “prog rock” because those reviews stink! I know, I know, I am usually not like that but this genre is so underrated by the indie scene and never gets mentioned anywhere that it drives me crazy.


5 thoughts on “Field Music ‘Plumb’: Old news but it’s soooo amazing

      1. I’m sure there’s some stuff I like that you don’t.
        I’m even quite sure there’s some stuff I wrote that you don’t like. And that means that you’re meaner to me than I am to you.
        So there.


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