Lawyer up: Orsons vs. ATME

Ok, so here’s what you missed on Glee: The Bundesvision Song Contest is a German alternative to the Eurovision Song Contest which presents 16 bands (for our 16 federal states) each year and one of them wins and therefore gets to rule over the whole country. That’s how politics in Germany work, deal with it.

Anyways, this year, a band called Die Orsons is part of the contest and they have a song about an actual politician who once was called Horst and was member of the NPD aka the Nazi party (they hate it, when we call them that, but it kind of fits) and then had a change of mind but also a change of gender – and I am not making this up – and now is member of die Linken (the leftists) as Monika.

So far so talkshow material.

I wanted to link this because I don’t like the song but for context’s sake…

The Orsons’ song is really not my cup of tea but now the ATME, an organistation that fights for the rights of transsexuals wants to sue the band and keep them from performing the song at the show because apparently, it’s ignorant and hurts the rights of transsexuals all over the world (I might exaggerate their statements a little). That’s a load of bullshit.

First of all, they don’t bash transsexuals, there is no line that calls for hateful attacks towards transsexuals or anything alike, second of all, just because the song is rather blunt and ignorant towards the procedure for the process of transgender transformation, doesn’t mean that it should be forbidden, especially as this is not really the focus of the song.

The church is rather blunt and ignorant towards the evolutionary creation of humankind and we don’t keep them from singing about it, do we?

Also, I would think that it’s rather difficult to put all the hormonal changes and medical as well as surgical procedures into a song text without bloating it up.

Here’s the thing. I get it, people are still incredibly ignorant when it comes to transsexuals. A lot think that every drag queen is a transsexual, others think that homosexuality and transsexuals are pretty much the same etc.pp. But this song is not the reason why and even if it might be factually incorrect, the ATME should see it as an opportunity to put their cause into the public discourse – and not through filing against the band and keeping them from performing it.

“Horst & Monika” is not even close to ever be as hurtful and damaging as any of the songs that degrade women and homosexuals and students (yep, in Germany that’s a thing) and whatever else is deemed uncool in Hip Hop.

I think the ATME hurt themselves because instead of trying to get into contact with the band and maybe have an open discussion about it (think about it, television stations would kill each other for a round like that), they go the low and evil route, the lawyer route, that is.

The song isn’t even about the fact that Monika once was Horst, it’s rather about this crazy transformation of male Nazi to female Lefty. Come on, if we can kick Kristen Stewart’s balls because she cheats on her dude, then we can surely sing a song about Monika formerly known as Prince Horst.

Let them all sit together, the band, Monika, the ATME and maybe someone who can shed a little light on freedom of speech and censorship because clearly, ATME doesn’t know how that works.

Don’t turn into 1 Million moms, guys and gals, guys who have been gals and gals who have been guys and everyone who is on their way to becoming guy or gal.


2 thoughts on “Lawyer up: Orsons vs. ATME

  1. You know, I really think this song su–
    Wait. No.
    I think the ATME is completely right and we should ban this so-
    No, that neither.
    Curse it. I can’t find a way to disagree with you here.


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