Wintersleep ‘Hello Hum’ and Hello beautiful album

A year or so ago, I got this band suggested by a friend and even though I must have listened to the two suggested songs a dozen times, I never really caught up on them. Fortunately, though, they caught up on me because they are with one of my befriended labels and when I saw their name in one of their mails, I jumped at the opportunity to do an interview with them.

Anyways, their album is a really lovely effort, they spent about 6 weeks in Dave Fridmann’s studio out in the woods and used all of his numerous weird instruments, including some originals from the 70s. They also recorded some crickets for a song called “Rapture”. I find that a little hilarious but maybe that’s just me.

Anyways, they got me with the opener. As some avid readers might have noticed, I love a good opener that feels exciting. “Hum” might be merely 2 and a half minutes long but it is full of promises. I can’t really describe why I like their music so much, there is this balance of a lot going on with the instruments and this fantastic, heavy voice that keeps everything together.

The first song I heard from this album was “Resuscitate” and the imagery alone is fantastic with this one. I get a little emotional, when I listen to it, although since last week I also associate it with a successful visit to the hair stylist. Well, there could be worse things. And in contrast to their previous albums this one actually is a little happier, so…

For some reason, they remind me of Plants & Animals, although there is no connection whatsoever.


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