Ryan Andrews: Beautiful webcomics and an awesome blog

I love all of his work. From his blog with one of the most beautifully executed drawn diaries to his short stories, I first stumbled over the “our bloodstained roof” comic through Gingerhaze and then spent the next hour examining everything else on his website.

His drawings are stunning but more than that, his stories are incredible, very tender and calmly told, they remind me of Stewart O’Nan in the way that they never give away too much but capture perfectly the emotions without overindulging in explanations.

My favourite is definitely “Sarah and the Seed” and I might have been making Lasagna while reading it.

I can’t give away too much about the storylines and therefore only urge you to read them yourselves, Andrews has published a collection of three of his stories , there is also an absurd and very Japan-inspired one on his homepage (he currently lives in Japan due to l-o-v-e) which is the funniest but also the only one that I wouldn’t read while eating.

His blog is also pretty sweet because he shares a lot about his working process, so in case you want to get into the whole comic business and you’re not as lazy as I am, this is pure gold.


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