Jan Frisch: Looptastic

So, this week I visited a gig because a friend of mine was a background singer/musician (she was a vision with an awesome beehive hairstyle). The evening was at Kaffee Burger in Berlin and had three acts. The first was the aforementioned, a rather amusing get together of people who had written their own Schlager songs. Now…I don’t like Schlager, not even drunk or ironically. But it was fun and over exaggerated and therefore goofy enough to thoroughly enjoy it, especially as everyone on stage enjoyed it. There also were a lot of sequins…the guitar player had a silver blazer I fell in love with. He also had a crazy Hawaii shirt which made him the official cruise ship (Schlager) musician in my book.

The third act was a drummer one man show with, erm…interesting lyrics and what can only be described as crazy singing (the “crazy” that you come across late at night in the subway, the not-inspirational crazy that is). It was one of those things you usually see as a parody in movies when people try to make fun of artsy music (I therefore enjoyed it at first because I always love absurd movie scenes happening in real life). I somehow wish that he would have committed to either experimental or comedy music or both (Schnaak manage that quite well) because it was all over the place and was not extreme, funny or artistic enough to make me feel anything else but slightly bored confusion.

At least, this slightly bored confusion led to a facial expression that lifted the mood of my beehive queen because she told me afterwards that it was priceless to see my face drift into something like this:

And in the midst of it was Jan Frisch, usually guitar player in a band but sometimes also solo. Jan Frisch is a singer/songwriter with a loop station and a lot of ideas. I love loop stations, from Brent Knopf (who – if I am not mistaken – even invented his own version to work with) to Jamie Lidell, it can be absolutely amazing if handled properly.

Jan is a German songwriter, this is important because our language is very tricky, as it a.) is not the prettiest and b.) can be incredibly cheesy when you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you do know, then it beats a lot of the more lyrical languages, though. And Jan knows what he does. It’s more experimental what he does musically and lyrically, I could describe it individually with each song because there are a lot of different styles he uses but I am too lazy. His lyrics are equally diverse, he has a brilliant way of being witty, intelligent and not at all cheesy.

Suffice to say that he’s rocking the guitar. I have to say, I am obsessed with this song, sitting in the dingy bar (nothing against dingy bars), expecting not much and then getting this song was one of those amazing moments when you’re just really happy that you are at the right time at the right place. I am not often completely in a moment because I am usually too neurotic/cynical but that was just pure and honest and really moving.

In fact, his whole set was honest, moving and very funny (there’s a song about driving in the car which could have been the theme song to my childhood). I guess, because he doesn’t sing about “issues” that he thinks would be totally radical and change the world but instead writes from his own personal point of view (which is pretty awesome, considering that he has a song about how people are around dogs), he doesn’t come off as the stereotypical hippie songwriter that is stuck in time.

Nope, Jan Frisch is…oh no…here it comes…very fresh*. Hahahahahaha, oh my.

He also plays the flute? What a show-off.

*”Frisch” is the German word for “fresh”. This pun was brought to you by Juliane Waack – creating the wurst puns since 2001.


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