This one time everyone managed to make a fool of themselves…

Vulture has a really cool new video feature where comedians talk about weird and/or embarrassing experiences they had with other celebrities. Apart from a disastrous phone interview I once had with a German – let’s just call her a celebrity – celebrity where the crappy technical equipment of the local radio station died out on me and I couldn’t hear her but she could still hear me, I don’t have that many interesting encounters with celebrities. Suffice to say, everything of the phone interview went on record (including some awkward questions because I hadn’t done my research), hilarity ensued.

Anyways, these comedians have much better stories and some are absolutely hilarious. They are animated and really cute. For everyone who wants to overcome an embarrassing encounter with celebrities or just some other random people, this is gold. I hope, they keep them coming because I plan on having a lot more embarrassing encounters with people of all sorts than I already had (and boy, did I have many, random people bring out the worst in me).

I suppose, the song is about making a tit of yourself in front of someone else?


4 thoughts on “This one time everyone managed to make a fool of themselves…

  1. I had some very embarrassing experiences with Barbara Freier, and they are still documented in my weblog.
    I don’t know if she’s a celebrity, though, and the fool-making was mostly on her side, I guess. so this probably doesn’t count, but it’s the only thing I have to offer.


    1. You’re still welcome here but whenever you can up your game on public embarrassments, you hopefully let me know, the best part about being humiliated and/or humiliating is turning it into a good story.


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