Lord Huron ‘Lonesome Dreams’

I suppose it would be all too easy to compare Lord Huron with the Fleet Foxes, but their exceptional percussion has a lot of folkloristic, Caribbean rhythms and reminds me more of Xavier Rudd, especially when they go all soul searching on their second track “Time to Run”. The cover of their album “Lonesome Dreams” which depicts a lone rider in the desert suggests that this album is about journeys.

The band started out as a solo project by Benji Schneider who soon recruited friends for his band. For the debut (I think it’s the debut) they did something that I will always cherish: they made up a ridiculously elaborated fictitious backstory. In this case, a fake book that inspired their first single “Time to run” and its music video. The book was written by equally fictitious writer George Ranger Johnson and therefore can only be dreamt but never read in real life.

Their album is equally magical and although it does ooze a lonesome rider feeling, it’s less racist and brutal but more yearning and romantic therefore also something that can only be dreamt because real life is horrible. Then again, given that I dreamt of a serial killer and Steve Martin stealing my purse last night, even dreams might not be save anymore…


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