Cuddlin’ with ma kitteh!

Right now I have way too much time and not enough inspiration which means that I don’t really know what to do with myself and mainly waste it by knitting ugly scarfs and killing an alarming amount of animals on Tomb Raider and getting freaked out by mummies that look more like ET because the game was designed with 12 pixels and a toaster.

Anyways, I also spend a lot of time annoying my cat to death. This happened only last week and made me laugh a lot. My cat wasn’t amused but he’s being an ass every morning so he deserves it.



13 thoughts on “Cuddlin’ with ma kitteh!

      1. I totally play it ironically. Nope, that’s a lie. I actually never finished the old games when I was a wee kid in the 60s because the freaking dinosaurs and mummies creeped me out. But I am older and stronger now…I also have a walkthrough and lack of sleep.


      2. I don’t think my laptop can handle those and I don’t have a console (because for that I also would have to get a tv set and that is a big investment for something I pick up and probably won’t finish). Nah, I am not committed enough to finishing a game to pay that much money.


      3. Portal is quite an old game. I’d have guessed it would run on any computer still alive today. Ha, still alive. And I didn*t even do that on purpose.
        Walking Dead is new, but it doesn’t look too demanding to me.
        But if you really can’t run them, I get your problem. I probably wouldn’t buy a tv set just for the console, either. Although Portal alone is worth the investment, in a sense.


      4. I’ll consider it. Probably as soon as those games as well as consoles are out of style. I can be like an old person trying to figure out this internet now and then.


      5. Maybe you should wait just a little longer.
        There’s this service that seems to be coming up right now, enabling you to stream games from a server to your pc. I’ve heard good things about it (Onlife is one of those, and Gaikai another). So who knows, maybe in a few months you can run a beautiful version of Dishonoured on your iPhone.


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