Langhorne Slim and The Law ‚The Way we move‘

I got the opener (“The Way we move”) to this song in my favourites’ list for a while but never found the time to listen to the whole album. Although it starts out like a fun romp in the vein of King Khan or JD McPherson but it soon turns into a very soulful gospel-alike songwriter album that reeks of the blues. It’s a lot of fun to hear Slim singing through gravel, pins and pain and the band (The Law) is a very dedicated outfit for his songwriting abilities.

Slim actually goes by his real life name Sean Scolnick and although I love the alter ego name, I’d love to have a soul/gospel/blues artist with a name like that just to break the spell of having a weirdly fitting bluesy name to make this kind of music.

In the vein of the last couple of days which were sunny and happy, I am going to post the song that initially sold me, so if you want to dance around a little, get super drunk and trash the place…ups, got a little bit carried away there.

By the way, this is his fourth album, so if you like what you’re hearing, you can spend a few more bucks for the rest of his discography.


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