Autumn Owls ‘Between buildings, towards the Sea’

Here’s some depressing but pretty awesome post-rock for you, “Between buildings, towards the Sea” is the title of their album which seems to be the debut after two EPs but who knows, Wikipedia is not the best of all sources. It was produced by Brian Deck who is some sort of go-to guy for Sub Pop bands (the almighty Modest Mouse included), so Autumn Owls were probably over the moon when he picked them because they are under Epitonic (and seem to be the first band this music site picked for their label).

The band comes from Dublin, Ireland and remind of the British 80s, when everyone inhaled too much hairspray and swayed to the music, drowned by the shadows of each one’s gloom. Speaking of music – it is pretty great. Initially I thought that it would bore me but they grow on you and there is much more to it than the first track might imply, I actually have to think of fog, seeping in through the cracks and covering everything up with this eery sense of calm that you can’t quite grasp.

Throughout the album they try a few sounds, some echoing a dark pub with melancholic creatures lingering in the dark, thinking of days gone by and the beauty of their youth flickering in their dull eyes*, others a little less depressing, nearly reaching a somewhat cathartic clarity. There is also some experimental weirdness to be found, just in case you like some odd, noisy breaks within the song.

All in all, it’s a pretty stellar album to play at 2am in a dingy pub when everyone is beyond the euphoric drunkenness but rather looks back at their life choices and ponders whether they had been right.

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