I wasn’t an Eagle Boy Scout: But some people were and they wrote about it

The Eagle Scouts of America banned gay members (or, hehe, openly gay members) and I guess they have the right to do so, so I won’t complain that they execute their right to be ignorant, however, I will compliment the hundreds of Eagle Scouts that sent back their pins, badges and whatever else you get there, I don’t know, I couldn’t know because scouts don’t allow women which obviously is not as big a deal as not allowing gay men but hey, whatever.

Anyways…there is a great tumblr-site where a lot of those former members post pictures of themselves and their uniforms, laser shields and festive chicken-hats (that is part of being a scout, right? The chicken-hat-laser-limbo-dance?) but first and foremost, their letters. And those letters are impressive. You have a lot of men who gained their self-confidence through the boy scouts, being in a group where they belonged and where good work was rewarded. Sure, it was also a group whose adults were overly protective of their sexually abusive colleagues but hey, whatever.

Anyways…the letters are really great and heart-breaking but also empowering because a lot of these men identified a lot with being an Eagle Scout and to give that up takes a lot of strength. Besides, there are so many stories of people in these letters, how their fathers and grand-father were scouts as well, what they learned and experienced and what they took from it. It’s – as sad as the actual reason for these letters is – amazing to read such personal letters that the writers shared with us. So, good on you, mankind.

By the way, if you ever need music to cry to, like, ugly-cry to, I suggest I was a Cub Scout. They only released one album called “I want you to know that there is always hope” and it features one of my go-to-songs (“P’s and Q’s”) if I want to get even more depressed than I already am (which is not that often, don’t worry, really, I am fine!).


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