The Bright Light Social Hour: Do you have some beard with that Rock’n Roll?

You know, sometimes I stand at the window and I look out and my heart hurts because there are sure as hell not enough blues-rocky and furthermore hairy bands out there. And a lonely tear will make its way down my face, glistening with the reflections of the street lights and then there will be a voice, faintly whispering “dude, what the fuck are you doing, are you really trying to create an emotional movie moment?” And I’ll say: “Shut up whispering voice, I am getting in a mood here!” and then it will slap me in the boob and I’ll get on the internet because that’s what you do when you look for hairy men.

Enter (what a freaking intro) The Bright Light Social Hour who have it all, the Hammond, the soul voice and the luscious beards you always wanted. Seriously, I challenge you to find a better mustache (on a cool person that is!).

The guys are from Austin, Texas, it’s where White Denim come from, so you know it’s a hell of a great place to rock out. TBLSH (ain’t nobody got time to write that name out every single time!) are a deliciously classic rock band, the kind that needs to be seen and heard live to get the whole sweaty experience. There is a lot of blues in the vocals, you just want to go “mhm mhm” all the time, nip on your whisky and think of that woman that puts the devil in you every time she looks at another man.

They received quite a few awards for their 2010 self-titled album, including best producer which has to be noted here because the producer is Danny Reisch who is currently replacing Thor Harris in Shearwater and does all sorts of cool things with all sorts of cool people (including White Denim), you go Danny! I always get a little giddy when musicians and bands do the Kevin-Bacon-game. The man on the guitar, Curtis Roush is also a beast, but then again, the whole band is compiled of beasts and you don’t want anyone else than a bunch of beasts dabbling with R’n’R. They are a wild ride.

OH! And they made me cry tears in laughter because they pulled the best prank ever on their band mate (once again, you go Danny!):

2 thoughts on “The Bright Light Social Hour: Do you have some beard with that Rock’n Roll?

  1. Schönes Zeug!
    Hast du vielleicht schon Bluffer-Clements neues Nebenprojekt gehört? Wenn nicht, guck dich mal um, ob die in Berlin einen zum besten geben. Richdisch fetter Blues-Rock mit Clement am Mirkrophon!
    Das ganze läuft unter dem etwas klischeehaften aber passenden Namen The Howling Wolfs.

    Besten Gruß von der Waterkant


    1. Ach siehste, hatte mir meine Mutter mal erzählt, aber wie das so ist, ging das natürlich ins eine Ohr rein und ins andere Ohr raus. Ich werd mal die Augen und Ohren aufhalten. Grüße vom Schmutzwasser Berlins…


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