Most favourite song: Jon Samuel ‘To Love’

As I was compiling my playlist for the November episode of my humble radio show, I stumbled over this fine gentleman and on my research I found something that would have turned into me doing a spit-take if I actually had drunk something at that point (I feel that the grammar has gone berserk in this sentence but let’s just pretend it never happened). Samuel is actually the guitar player/keyboard-guy from Wintersleep. I interviewed their singer last month and their album “Hello Hum” – Spoiler Alert – will probably feature in my Top 2012 list. So to know that their band members individually also put out beautiful music is reassuring that no, the music scene is far from dead.

Samuel has the songwriter tenderness of Cat Stevens who came immediately to mind because Samuel’s voice is so incredibly soft and soothing. His album “First Transmission can be heard on his homepage and boy, if it doesn’t remind you of all those great aloof 60s songwriters that put a smile on your face, then I don’t know. You know who he also reminds me off? Peter Gabriel. I know, I know, I always say that but if you listen to “Nada”, you might hear it too.

I am usually all for heavy, doom-inspiring music during Christmas time, if only to balance out the elaborate cheesy Christmas pop I listen to but by January, I will need something as light and beautiful as Jon Samuel and I will be damn happy to hear his music when I trod through snow-mud and grey skies, wondering whether this year will bring more. And then I will see something like a bird or a single flower and through Jon’s music, it will be beautiful like the weird plastic bag in “American Beauty” and life will feel less heavy. And I want to thank Samuel for that because doing music that achieves that, to create a sunny space amidst whatever situation, is a skill worth millions.


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