Sons of Noel and Adrian: Don’t acronym the Willkommen Collective, folks!

Sons of Noel and Adrian – or SOAA as I mistook their promo material for – are members of the Willkommen Collective, which is a British version of what Wolf Parade, the Broken Social Scene and every band in Portland have without having to name it. It’s a get together of bands who kind of help each other out and probably get drunk together quite often. Amongst those are also The Leisure Society which are awesome, so the WC is legit in my book (oh…just realized that this does not work as an acronym).

Anyways, Sons of Noel and Adrian are impressive, they do this really broody folkloristic music that seems to have been born 80 years ago, amidst the working class and a lot of dust. Their current album “Knots “is occasionally goth but most of the time carries the heavy load of the blues amidst great percussion and the cacophony of instruments you usually hear in pubs. Think of that scene in “Titanic”, when Rose accompanies Jack down to the “common folk” only realistic, sad and intimidating and you get what Sons of Noel and Adrian do – or not. They have a way with really sparse, simplistic vocals that get swarmed with dizzy background vocals and the aforementioned cacophony. It reminds me a little of Bruce Peninsula but with a little less aggression and maybe some Beirut flair. They also have about 500 members in their band (I might have exaggerated a little) which adds to the mosaic-feeling of their music. Great stuff.


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