The lifestyle of the not so rich and far from famous…

Sorry for abandoning this blog for the last week, I am a busy bee lately and when I have a night off, I usually just fall into bed and watch tv. I try to be better but who knows what crazy shenanigans I’ll be up to next week and the week after. And you’ll never know because I only ever manage to write in this blog when my life is so boring that I try to fill the void with blogging. Just kidding, but seriously, my break from regular posting doesn’t mean that I am gone, it just means, that I am still adjusting to daylight-savings-time and will do so till May. Till then, enjoy a KEXP performance by Two Gallants who I saw yesterday and this photo of two Mexican skeletons* making out, like, in a gross way.

*Well, it’s more of a Catrina, a “La Calavera Catrina” to be precise, and “El Catrine” is the male counterpart. The Catrina was the most popular make-up choice for this year’s Halloween, I was probably one of the few exceptions that didn’t opt for it. This picture was taken at a very expensive, yet incredibly low-quality “Dias de los muertos”-celebration that was so bad that one day, we will probably laugh about it. For now, it still reminds us too much of 10 bucks dearly missed.


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