Updates and Pelicans

I am in the middle of writing a big-ass article including an interview about Menomena. I thought I would find some time for writing last weekend but that was spent on prepping for the interview and to be honest, Sunday I just watched movies. However, it will happen one of these days, I am quite confident!

True story about this song: I once got into an argument over it because apparently, some people think it’s too extreme for the casual radio listener and instantly makes heads explode. That might be true, but I still think that treating your casual listener like an intelligent human being with a good taste in music is better than smothering in easy-listening-indie even if there will be some brain matter and blood spilled.

By the way, I just noticed that the Maccabees also have a song of the same name on their recent album. They differ completely in meaning because the Maccabees are always innocent and beautiful, whereas Menomena are ambiguous and attractive (it’s like the Maccabees are Rock Hudson and Menomena are Yul Brynner). Still, let’s just take a moment and listen to these songs back to back.



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