Cover me badly: Rihanna „Diamonds“

One of the reasons why I have problems throwing Lady Gaga under the bus for being an over-the-top pop-starlet with a really weird fan base is the fact that she is an actual songwriter and has written for other artists before. It’s raw talent to write a good pop song, the more power to Sia who apparently co-wrote “Diamonds” in about an hour maximum. Geez, Sia, some people actually have to work to get a proper song on paper, so don’t make it even harder by shoving your talent under our noses.

I love her version but I have to admit, Rihanna’s “SNL”-version was pretty amazing, her little introverted (or maybe simply apathetic) performance mixed with her voice turned it a little darker which somehow is something that this girl can do really well. She might not have the pipes of Beyoncé* (ha, but who does, anyway?) or Sia for that matter, but she is a great performer and by now there are way too many songs by her that I really enjoy to pretend that she’s just a fluke.

Poor girl, she looks like she’s trapped in the horrid movie-adaption of “The Lawnmower Man” that had nothing whatsoever to do with the original story. Maybe, though, she’s only trapped in a music-video of one of the many psychedelic-hipster bands of yesteryear. But someone get her out of there!

*I actually get a spell-check error, if I leave out the accent over the ‘é’, even spell-check programs know not to mess with her.


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